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What To Expect From A Nursing Home Claim

Like most legal issues in Florida, the laws surrounding nursing home abuse claims are complex and full of difficult requirements to keep things moving forward. Oftentimes, these cases can take longer than a year or two to resolve, so you want to be sure that you have the help you need from an attorney to settle things quickly.

Lawyers at Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A., have been defending the elderly in the Miami area from abuse and neglect for nearly 50 years. Our attorneys know the process in these cases, and you can expect the following services below along the way.

You’ve Identified Nursing Home Abuse Or Neglect

Once you recognize that someone is suffering from abuse or neglect, reporting it should be your next step. Reporting it on your own can be difficult, which is where we come in.

You Speak With Our Attorneys In A Free Consultation

Meet with our lawyers in a free initial consultation to learn what options you have in your case, what our team can do for you and which strategies may be best for your situation.

Pre-Suit Investigation

This is the period of time when our attorneys will collect all the necessary evidence and inventory it. By gathering this information now, they can acquire the resources they need to pursue the outcome you deserve.

Pre-Suit Notice To Defendant

Once our lawyers have the evidence they need, they will then submit a letter to the defendant notifying them of our team’s intentions to file a lawsuit against them unless they are able to rectify the issue and/or pay a certain amount of damages for the suffering they caused.

Defendant Offers Settlement Or Rejects Claim

If the defendant accepts the settlement offer, they can avoid any further legal proceedings. If they reject the claim, however, mediation may be able to help secure a settlement agreement yet.


This supervised negotiation between both parties will have the goal of reaching a compromise in a settlement. If both parties cannot reach an agreement, a trial will be necessary to resolve things.

File Lawsuit

Our attorneys will then file a lawsuit against the defendant to seek corrective action and compensation for the suffering your loved one experienced.

Trial Preparation

Once a trial date is set, our lawyers will continue preparing your case for trail. Their goal will be making the most out of all the information and evidence they have to develop the strongest case they can on your behalf.


Next, they will argue your case before a judge in court, and the defendant’s team will present its case as well. Once the court has heard from both sides, it will reach a verdict.


The court will then declare its verdict in your case, typically favoring either for you or against you. If the verdict is in your favor, our team can help oversee the process of collecting any compensation the court may have awarded you.

Start The Process Today

While the process of holding an abuser accountable can be a long one, it is not impossible. The first step in any case starts by contacting us for a free initial consultation. Call us at 305-670-2000 or email us here and schedule your appointment with us today.

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