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Adult day care centers play a vital role in meeting the needs of those with disabilities. Many provide an enriching outpatient environment, complete with therapeutic activities, learning opportunities, social engagement and field trips.

These centers are subject to similar rules and regulations as nursing homes and other care facilities. They also must still comply with licensure requirements regarding staffing, training, hygiene, sanitation, standards of care, and other important health and safety issues.

Nearly half of adult day care patients have cognitive disabilities, according to the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA). Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Down syndrome make these patients especially vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Aggression between residents can also be a source of injuries.

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When your loved one becomes a victim of abuse, injuries or mistreatment in an adult day care center, it can be difficult to get answers. You might feel like your suspicions are being swept aside. At Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A., our attorneys will take your concerns seriously.

Our Miami-based lawyers represent clients across Florida in cases involving any type of harm that comes to patients at these facilities, such as:

  • Accidents or injuries that occur while transporting patients
  • Falls and other injuries that take place at the care center or on excursions
  • Failure to properly handle health incidents, such as strokes, heart attacks or seizures
  • Physical or sexual abuse committed by staff or other patients
  • Death due to choking while eating food unsupervised

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With more than four decades of experience, our attorneys understand the Florida laws that govern these cases. They’ll conduct a thorough investigation, enlist the help of experts as needed, file lawsuits against the appropriate parties and take every step to ensure that justice is served.

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