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Representation Through Home Health Care Agency Abuse Claims

Many families enlist home health care agency aides to come to an elderly loved one’s home. They would much rather have in-home care than transfer their loved ones to a nursing home. As an aging person who needs assistance, you may also feel this is the best option because you’re more comfortable in your own home and you’re receiving professional one-on-one care.

However, sometimes even the most promising arrangement can turn into a nightmare. What should you do if your loved one has been abused, neglected or mistreated? What if they aren’t getting the care they need?

We can help you address these difficult situations. At the Miami law firm of Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A., our skilled Florida home health care agency attorneys have earned a nationwide reputation for achieving positive outcomes and holding these agencies responsible. They have more than 40 years of experience standing up against injustice.

The Problem With Home Health Care Agencies

Many people are surprised to learn that, in Florida, home health care aides are not required to have a license or certification. The only exception is for aides employed by a Medicare or Medicaid home health agency. As a result, many home health aides have minimal training.

They lack the skills to deal with challenging situations, such as:

  • Preventing, identifying and seeking prompt treatment for bedsores
  • Safely lifting an elderly or disabled loved one
  • Transferring a patient from their bed to a wheelchair or bathroom in a safe manner to prevent falls
  • Properly administering medication and other types of treatment
  • Dealing with irritable patients who may have dementia, Alzheimer’s or other conditions that can make them volatile or even violent at times
  • Identifying dehydration or malnutrition and taking appropriate corrective action
  • Keeping an eye out for infections, bowel obstructions and other serious health problems
  • Contacting physicians and family members when there is a change in the patient’s condition

Compassionate And Knowledgeable Legal Guidance When You Need It Most

If you believe a home health care aide has abused or neglected a loved one, we can help you take action. Our lawyers will assist you in filing a complaint with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Adult Protective Services, and the Aging Network so that an investigation can be launched.

They will also conduct their own independent investigation. Our attorneys can aggressively help you pursue a civil claim for compensation related to damages and injuries against not only the home health aide, but the agency responsible for the employee as well. These home health agencies may be liable for the negligence and abuse committed by their workers. The agency can also be held responsible for failure to have proper policies and monitoring in place to protect vulnerable patients.

Our attorneys share a strong commitment to compassionate legal service. They can help you to take corrective legal action to put a stop to the mistreatment — and make sure that justice is won.

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