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Red flags you should look for when choosing a care facility

One of the hardest decisions you and your loved will ever have to make is choosing the right assisted living facility. There is no shortage of Florida nursing homes for you to choose from. But the wrong one can have serious consequences for your loved one’s health.

To ensure your relative receives the quality of care he or she requires, you should learn to recognize the signs of a bad care facility.

High staff turnover

Nursing home facilities that cannot seem to keep the same people on staff for any amount of time have a high turnover rate. Some amount of turnover is expected given the nature of the industry. But if an assisted living place has to keep hiring and training new workers, your loved one is not going to develop a good relationship with his or her caregivers or receive the quality of care he or she needs.

Poor communication

Assisted living homes that cannot maintain communication with their residents are cutting them off from their loved ones. This may be intentional or unintentional. If you notice that the phones are always ringing and no one is answering or the staff deflects your questions and cannot make eye contact with you, they may not be open and honest about any accidents and injuries your relative sustains. They may also avoid contacting the authorities in a timely manner when emergency medical treatment is necessary.

Drastic changes

Seniors who are experiencing abuse may change in appearance. They may lose weight; act and talk differently or not at all; and have unexplainable injuries such as bruises, bed sores and broken bones. If after admitting your loved into a care facility you notice he or she is no longer acting like his or herself or acting scared around the caregivers, you should consider other options.

High death rate

Death is an unavoidable issue with nursing homes. It is normal for these facilities to lose some of their residents to natural causes and illnesses. But places that have high death rates may be losing their patients to accidents, neglect and abuse.

Choosing the right nursing home is not always easy. But with good research, it is possible. If you suspect that your relative is being abused or neglected by his or her caregivers, you should talk to an attorney about the situation to learn your options.


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