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How common is nursing home understaffing?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Understaffing is a major issue in nursing homes because it can lead to neglect. When there aren’t enough staff members to meet the needs of the residents, neglect becomes an inevitability. This may not necessarily be the fault of the workers who are on the clock. They’re trying to do the best that they can, but there just aren’t enough employees to respond to everyone at the same time.

So how common is this issue? It’s important to consider if you’re looking for a new nursing home for a loved one or if you suspect that they are being neglected already. Let’s take a look at some important statistics.

Most nursing homes are short-staffed occasionally

One study looked at staffing shortages and found that they are either “moderate” or “high” in 87% of cases. In other words, the vast majority of nursing homes will at least occasionally run into these types of staffing issues.

When it comes to bringing on new staff, issues are even more pronounced. It can be difficult to hire new staff members for 98% of nursing homes.

In fact, these staffing shortages can be so bad that nursing homes may have to close. In the study, 73% were in danger of potentially closing, at least in part because of staffing shortages.

What options do you have?

The unfortunate reality here is that staffing shortages are likely and they could lead to injuries if your loved one doesn’t get the care that they deserve. They may not have enough help getting medication, moving around the nursing home safely and things of this nature. If they do suffer harm due to the negligence of the nursing home or the staff, then you need to know about all of the legal options at your disposal.

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