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Wrongful death lawsuit filed in nursing home neglect case

There are many nursing homes throughout the Miami metropolitan area. Each one of these institutions has a duty to provide adequate care to its patients, keeping them safe from harm. When one of these nursing homes fails to uphold its duty, whether by failing to train staff, attend to patients, provide adequate nutrition or administer proper medication, serious injuries or death can result.

That is exactly what is being alleged in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against a nursing home. The lawsuit revolves around an Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferer who died after he developed several bedsores. The man was admitted to the nursing home after he fell and needed full-time medical assistance. The deceased’s surviving family claims that although a plan was in place to prevent pressure sores from developing, the man was not given a pressure-relieving mattress until much later. Additionally, the family claims the nursing home staff was improperly trained to treat his bedsores, which allowed the condition to worsen and eventually cause the victim’s death.

Nursing home neglect is an unfortunate reality throughout Miami and the country as a whole. For this reason, it is important families become aware of the signs of neglect and abuse. A nursing home fall, unexpected bruising, rapid weight loss and bedsores can all be signs of nursing home abuse and/or neglect. Should one be injured or killed as a result of inadequate care, the victim or his or her family should consider taking legal action.

By seeking legal assistance from a Miami attorney, victims and their families can fight to recover their losses. These damages may be in the form of physical and emotional pain and suffering and medical expenses. By aggressively fighting to prove negligence, the attorney will seek to maximize a client’s awards so that, hopefully, the negligent professionals and institutions are held accountable while a family is made financially whole again.

Source: The Waco Tribune, “Wrongful death lawsuit filed over Woodway nursing home care,” Tommy Witherspoon, Jan. 9, 2014


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