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Navigating Lawsuits Against Brookdale

Brookdale Senior Living is the nation’s largest senior living operator, with thousands of locations across the United States. Nearly 100 of them are spread out across Florida, including in Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Myers, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami, Panama City, Gainesville and more.

Brookdale offers a variety of options for elders, including:

  • Assisted living
  • Independent living
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Home health care
  • At-home care
  • Memory care
  • Hospice

But, despite touting a high level of care and a variety of services for patients and residents, Brookdale has repeatedly come under fire for not only failing to provide an acceptable standard of care but also endangering the lives of residents.

If you believe that your loved one suffered abuse, neglect or any other violation of their rights while in the care of Brookdale Senior Living, reach out to our team at Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A. Our Florida nursing home abuse attorneys are prepared to handle lawsuits against Brookdale on behalf of residents and families throughout the state.

We dedicate 100% of our practice to elder abuse and neglect, which allows our lawyers to devote all their efforts, resources and experience to helping victims fight for the justice they deserve. Founded in Miami in 1976, our firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and our attorneys are committed to holding wrongdoers accountable.

Alleged Misconduct By Brookdale Senior Living

In recent years, Brookdale has been the subject of several lawsuits throughout the United States. Perhaps most notably, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra joined various city attorneys and district attorneys in bringing a lawsuit against Brookdale Senior Living in March of 2021.

The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that the operator not only ignored various laws designed to protect individuals discharged from facilities in an attempt to boost profits but also provided false information that was used to award nursing homes and other senior living facilities with “star ratings” available to the public.

This is not the first time that Brookdale has been accused of misconduct. Various lawsuits in New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois and other states across the country have sought restitution on behalf of victims of alleged abuse and negligence at various Brookdale facilities.

These lawsuits have involved an array of claims, including:

  • Failure to follow proper fall-prevention protocols
  • Neglect of elders with special medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Failure to perform timely CPR, leading to a resident’s death

What Are The Signs Of Elder Abuse And Neglect?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent someone you love from being harmed. While you may not be able to stop initial abuse or neglect from occurring, you can take immediate action at the first sign that something is wrong. It is important that you know and recognize the signs of elder abuse and neglect so that you can report suspected misconduct right away and prevent unnecessary suffering.

Some signs that your elderly loved one may be suffering abuse or neglect in a Brookdale Senior Living facility include those below.

Unexplained Injuries

Bruises, cuts, scrapes and more serious injuries, like broken bones or brain injuries, may all be signs of nursing home abuse or neglect. While some injuries and accidents are inevitable, nursing homes and assisted living facilities are responsible for taking proper injury-prevention measures and providing acceptable treatment when incidents do occur.


Bedsores (also known as pressure ulcers), pneumonia, sepsis and other medical conditions can be life threatening, particularly when they are poorly treated and/or lead to infection. Senior living facilities have a responsibility to residents to provide a proper and acceptable level of care to prevent infections and other complications.


Both dehydration and malnutrition are signs that an elderly individual is not receiving adequate care. Look for unexplained or unusual changes in weight (including both sudden weight loss and weight gain), lost fat or decreased muscle mass, “hollowed” cheeks or eyes, a distended stomach, recurrent infections and mouth/gum issues.

Unclean Or Unsanitary Facilities

One common sign that a nursing home or assisted living facility is not providing an acceptable level of care to its residents is unsanitary conditions and/or a general lack of cleanliness. Senior living facilities should offer clean, sterilized and safe environments; anything less could be a sign of understaffing or general neglect.

Changes In Mood Or Behavior

Unusual or unexplained changes in mood or behavior could indicate abuse.

Common examples include:

  • Increased agitation or irritability
  • Sudden bouts of depression or crying
  • New or increased anxiety
  • Changes in sleep patterns, appetite and other behaviors

If your loved one expresses discontent or complains of poor treatment, always take them seriously. You should also remember that your loved one may be unable or unwilling to speak up about abuse or neglect, which is why it is so important that you know the signs.

How To Report Elder Abuse In Florida

If you believe that your loved one is the victim of elder abuse or neglect, whether in a Brookdale Senior Living facility or elsewhere, you should report the suspected poor treatment or misconduct right away.

There are several ways to report elder abuse in Florida, including the following:

  • If you believe your loved one is in immediate and imminent danger, call 911.
  • If you suspect that a single caregiver or staff member is carrying out the abuse or neglect, you can report it to the proper authorities at the facility.
  • You can also report elder abuse to Adult Protective Services 24/7 by calling 1-800-962-2873 or online at reportabuse.dcf.state.fl.us.
  • You may file a complaint with the local long-term care ombudsman in your area; click here to learn more.

Do not wait to report suspected elder abuse or nursing home neglect. Once you have filed a report with the appropriate authorities, reach out to one of our Florida elder abuse attorneys at Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A., to learn how they can help you fight for the justice and fair compensation you are owed.

How Our Team Can Help

Knowing that someone you love has suffered needlessly at the hands of a trusted caregiver or assisted living facility is devastating. At Ford, Dean & Rotundo, P.A., our attorneys believe that you and your family deserve justice, and they know how to go up against major senior living operators in pursuit of the full, fair compensation you are owed.

If you believe that you have a lawsuit against Brookdale Senior Living in Florida, turn to us for the experienced and aggressive representation you need. Our attorneys stand up for those who have no voice and work tirelessly to hold wrongdoers accountable. For nearly 50 years, lawyers at our firm have dedicated themselves to protecting the vulnerable and seeking justice on behalf of those who have suffered due to the negligent, abusive and unlawful conduct of others.

Our team is prepared to handle every legal detail, including:

  • Gathering evidence and submitting the necessary paperwork
  • Negotiating with Brookdale and/or another liable party
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary

Throughout the process, our lawyers will be there to provide you with personalized attention and service every step of the way.

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