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How to detect potential abuse at an assisted living facility

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Florida is home to many senior citizens. These individuals and some disabled people find the help they need with daily routines, activities and more by residing at assisted living facilities. While most residents receive excellent treatment, some employees abuse who they should be caring for.

The main types of assisted living abuse

Unfortunately, assisted living residents can face mistreatment in several ways. Here’s more information about the main types of abuse in assisted living facilities and how to spot them.


Many instances of mistreatment in assisted living facilities involve mental abuse. Examples of this type of harassment can include staff calling patients names, threatening them or excluding them from activities or other residents. Understandably, the effects of mental abuse can cause your loved ones to feel depressed and fearful.

Someone facing mental abuse may suddenly withdraw from others or begin experiencing sudden and severe mood swings.


In worst-case scenarios, assisted living facility abuse gets physical. You may notice signs this is happening if you notice new bruises, scrapes or scratches on a resident’s arms.


Sometimes, workers target assisted living residents for their money. An example of financial abuse can include a care facility staff member stealing money meant for residents. Deceiving or threatening a resident to access their financial accounts is another example.

You can detect and prevent financial abuse by reviewing a resident’s accounts regularly. This allows you to check for suspicious withdrawals and purchases.

If you’re currently going through assisted living abuse, document what’s happening. You’ll also want to report this matter to the proper authorities. Speaking out about this situation helps ensure those responsible are held liable for their actions.

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