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Retaliation after reporting Florida nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Florida seniors should feel safe and receive quality care in skilled nursing facilities. Unfortunately, too many patients in nursing homes report abuse or neglect and fear retaliation if they speak out. When a loved one is in a skilled nursing facility for rehab or long-term care, families should be diligent and speak up if they suspect neglect or abuse.

What constitutes abuse and neglect?

According to a recent survey, more residents are hesitant to report nursing home neglect for fear of retaliation.

Elder abuse may be emotional, physical, psychological, or sexual. When appropriate action isn’t taken, there’s a loss of trust. Abuse may also be in the form of abandonment and cause financial loss.

Monitoring a family member’s care in a long-term care facility is essential. Physical abuse is frequent, with 32% of nursing home staff saying they’ve emotionally abused patients.

Nursing home abuse is widespread

More families are speaking out when their loved ones suffer neglect or abuse in nursing homes, and it’s becoming more widespread. Many of the incidents involve:

  • Withholding or sabotaging food
  • Threatening to withhold care
  • Refusing to help patients at night for staying up too late
  • Placing feces-covered towels over patient’s faces
  • Refusing to change the patient’s soiled briefs

Abuse in long-term care facilities

According to the World Health Organization one in every six people in long-term care experiences neglect or abuse. Here are the facts:

  • Abuse rates are higher in long-term care facilities.
  • Two out of three staff members admit to abuse within the year.
  • Abuse often leads to psychological and physical injuries.
  • Abuse is expected to increase with aging populations.

Consequences of elder abuse

Hospitalizations due to injuries or illness often result in older people getting referred to skilled nursing for rehabilitation or long-term care. Abuse in these facilities may result in:

  • Cognitive weakening
  • Depression
  • Financial loss
  • Untimely death

Retaliation after reporting nursing home neglect is distressing for those living with its effects. This makes knowing how to handle the situation necessary.

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