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Common Signs of Potential Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Florida families that are considering assisted living alternatives for their loved ones will want to find a facility that is safe and clean and provides appropriate care. While it is a reasonable expectation to think that residents will receive all they need, abuse and neglect happen all too frequently. People should be cognizant of the warning signs. If the neglect or abuse causes injuries or death, professional advice can help with determining the next step someone should take.

Signals that indicate issues at assisted living facilities

It is imperative to closely assess a prospective assisted living facility before placing a loved one there. Indications that there may be problems can be spotted immediately and avoided. When touring the facility, it is wise to look at current residents and their condition. If they look like they are poorly cared for or are unclean or lack necessities, it may be a hint. If staff members are nasty, uninterested or lack knowledge, they could be going through the motions, and worse, when there are no family members around to watch them.

A lack of vigilance for seemingly minor aspects of a properly administrated assisted living home is adherence to basic safety and cleanliness. For example, loose wires and items left where people can trip over them could be problematic. Checking for violations with the state regulators is easy and will show if there were past citations and complaints. Administrators should be upfront and willing to discuss all parts of admission, including the contract and costs. Absence of transparency is a major red flag. These are all hallmarks of assisted living facility abuse and neglect.

Experienced professionals can assess problems at assisted living facilities

It may feel like a betrayal when a loved one is entrusted to others, and the care he or she receives is substandard or outright abusive and neglectful. This is made worse when there is an illness, injury or death. If there was any form of abuse or neglect at an assisted living facility, it is imperative to act immediately. Having experienced help from the start can guide someone regarding how to proceed.

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