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What to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Placing an elderly family member in a nursing home is a difficult decision for Florida families to face. You’ll want to be sure you’re making the best choice when it’s time to select a facility that will become home to a loved one. Staying mindful of a few points can help to guide this decision.


New nursing home residents will want to be as close to their families as possible. Likewise, family members will want to know they can visit an elderly family member as often as desired. Families should try to find a place for their loved one that require no more than a 30 to 45-minute drive.


The perfect size of a nursing home for a family member will depend on the individual’s personality. Large nursing homes that include plenty of people and activities would be a good choice for elderly people who enjoy socializing. More introverted family members may prefer a smaller nursing home that will provide them with peace.


The people working at the nursing home chosen for a family member will become directly responsible for that person’s health and well-being. Families should ask all the questions they can think of before committing to a facility. They should also make a couple of trips to the nursing home to watch the staff interact with other residents.


All nursing homes represent a long-term care solution for aging family members, but the services offered can vary from one nursing home to another. Families should be sure to select a nursing home that delivers the services needed to facilitate the health and well-being of their loved one. They should also inquire about services that improve the quality of life for residents of the nursing home.

It is never easy to send an older member of the family to a nursing home, but when a nursing home becomes necessary, families should choose a facility that will deliver the highest possible level of care. Families with a loved one suffering abuse or neglect in a nursing home may benefit from speaking with an attorney.

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