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Reporting Elder Abuse to the Department of Elder Affairs

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Whether you are suffering as a result of nursing home abuse you experienced firsthand or you have concerns about your loved one, it is vital to take action in the wake of mistreatment. When it comes to addressing nursing home abuse, there are different strategies, but those who fail to respect the rights of elderly nursing home residents must answer for their actions.

Sometimes, victims and families reach out to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs for support.

How can you report abuse to the Department of Elder Affairs?

On their website, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs outlines the different ways people can report elder abuse. The Department runs a program, known as the Elder Abuse Prevention Program, that aims to curb various forms of elder abuse (such as mistreatment that is financial, emotional or physical in nature). If you want to file a report with the Department of Elder Affairs online, you can do so by visiting the Department of Children and Families’ website. You can also report abuse to the Department by calling their toll free hotline or sending a fax to the appropriate number.

How does the Elder Abuse Prevention Program address mistreatment?

Although the Department of Elder Affairs does not investigate abuse, it offers various resources to address elder abuse. In addition to raising awareness and offering training, the Department sometimes provides in-home services to elderly people experiencing abuse. In some instances, the Department offers support with respect to placement and supervision. However, some occurrences of nursing home abuse require additional action, such as reaching out to law enforcement.

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