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Take Time to Choose the Right Memory Care Facility

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Your dad has always been there for you, and now it’s up you to decide if it’s time to place him in a nursing home. You know that he has trouble with his memory, and over time, his ability to live on his own has gotten worse. You want to choose a memory care unit that is appropriate; one that gives him space and support all at the same time.

Special care units, also known as memory care units, are usually found within skilled-nursing or assisted-living communities, so the first question will be if you are interested in an assisted-living or skilled-nursing facility. In a high-quality care unit, you’ll see that your father is provided with individualized care and has a home-like environment to provide him with the highest quality of life. In a poor health care facility, there may only be locked doors to make sure he doesn’t leave unexpectedly.

When you go to each facility to view it, make sure you ask plenty of questions. There is no consistent standard for memory care, so you need to be an advocate in making sure your dad gets the best care and support possible. Find out exactly what kinds of services are being offered. Ask about the staff-to-patient ratio. Take time to go to the facility and find out more about how the staff interacts with patients, the daily routines and how the staff handles challenging behaviors.

Thousands of people live in nursing homes due to memory-related issues. Choosing the right facility can make it a great move for your father and mean that he’s in a safer place than if he was home on his own.

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