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Heartland of Kendall FL, LLC Faces Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

A recent lawsuit targets Heartland, a nursing home in Kendall, Florida. It centers around a woman who is identified in the suit as being over 60 years old and unable to care for herself. She was living in the center.

While at the nursing home, the elderly woman wound up with an infection, and it turned septic. Sepsis is a very dangerous blood issue that can be fatal. The lawsuit claims that the nursing home should have set up a proper care plan to protect her from this issue, but they failed to do so. These acts and omissions worked together, the lawsuit claims, to make the woman very sick.

Overall, the lawsuit says that the nursing home failed to:

  • Protect the resident
  • Give her proper support services
  • Prevent mental abuse
  • Prevent physical abuse
  • Treat her fairly
  • Comply with the nursing home regulations in Florida
  • Supervise her as they should have
  • Give her proper hydration and nutrition
  • Update the care plan when doing so was needed to give her adequate care
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Recognize the obvious symptoms of her condition
  • Notify her family of the issues
  • Notify her doctor of her health complications
  • Train the staff
  • Supervise the staff
  • Protect her from foreseeable harm
  • Follow the doctor’s orders
  • Protect her privacy and dignity

As the disease progressed, things got so bad that the woman passed away. This happened on May 6, 2015. She left behind five children.

This suit helps to show just how dangerous mistakes can be in a nursing home. When a loved one suffers and passes away, family members need to understand their legal options.

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