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A Poorly Managed Nursing Home Can Cause Your Parent to Suffer

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Bedsores, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When your parent can no longer support him or herself, you must trust a nursing home facility to provide care and treatment. You want to make sure that you leave your parent in the hands of a responsible, professional facility.

Unfortunately, some companies may choose profits over patients. An article from the Washington Post described what happened when one company started to cut costs in its chain of nursing homes. Understaffing and improper care put many residents in harm’s way.

Cost-cutting took away resources for residents

Under the management of a private equity firm, the nursing home chain cut costs to try and avoid bankruptcy. This led to less staff and less money for resources the homes needed. As a result, many patients suffered from poor treatment.

Residents were increasingly in danger of abuse and neglect

Over four years, the facilities owned by the company had a 26% increase in health-code violations. Health inspectors cited violations for bedsores, improper medication distribution and ignoring the personal hygiene of residents, among others.

Some incidents even led to hospitalization. One resident fell off a wheelchair ramp, causing a brain hemorrhage. Another resident needed hospitalization after staff gave him an overdose of opioids.

Not every facility will follow best practices for care

The owners of the nursing homes sold the chain to a not-for-profit organization. But many facilities in Florida may still have unsafe practices in their business.

If a nursing home cuts costs in staffing or training, your parent can be at risk. Workers may not address your loved one’s needs and cause injuries like bedsores, broken bones, cuts or bruises. And neglect can lead to your parent not eating or properly using the toilet.

If the owners of your parent’s nursing home mismanage it, they can cause your loved one to suffer. If you feel that they are causing harm, you may want to get advice from an attorney.

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