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On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Placing your loved one into a nursing home or assisted-living facility is a major step. You know that it could be positive for them, but if it’s the wrong place or the wrong people working with your loved one, things could also go wrong.

You want to do all you can to make sure they’re as safe as possible. How can you? Here are a few tips for getting to know the people who surround your loved one and making sure a facility is safe.

1. Take the time to talk to the staff

Yes, the staff of an assisted-living facility is busy but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take time to talk to them. Speak with the staff when they visit your loved one to assist them. Get to know them and their personalities. If there is someone you don’t care for, it’s your right to ask for a different staff member to participate in your loved one’s care.

2. Check out the facility ahead of time

Before you ever choose a facility, take a guided tour and make an unexpected visit. A guided tour shows you what the organization wants you to see. An unexpected visit helps you catch things that might have been hidden when it was known that you were coming.

3. Ask questions

Finally, ask questions. You should ask questions about your loved one’s care. Talk to the staff about what they do with your loved one, then check with your family member, too. Being thorough could help identify lapses in communication or when your loved one is being neglected.

These are three ways to keep track of your loved one’s care and to get to know an assisted-living facility. Being thorough can help you protect the ones you love.

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