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What Services Should You Expect to Receive in a Nursing Home?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

There is no reason why anyone should be living in a nursing home that fails to provide for their basic needs. The problem is, some Florida residents are neglected, abused and poorly cared for in their nursing homes, even though they are paying an arm and a leg to be there. This is not only unjust, but also immoral and unsupportable.

If your aging relative needs to move into a nursing home and you’re the one investigating which home is the best, make sure to give this search your highest level of attention and care. Leave no stone unturned while digging up the facts pertaining to every potential facility. At a bare minimum, here are the services that the nursing home should provide:

  • Private and semi-private room options where your loved one will not feel like he or she is living in a hospital.
  • Three tasty meals cooked every day.
  • Assistance with daily activities required for life such as dressing and bating.
  • Assistance with managing one’s medications.
  • Therapies such as speech therapy, memory therapy and physical therapy.
  • Laundry services and housekeeping services.
  • A calendar of social events.

In addition to the above services, investigate whether the nursing home provides services that your loved one needs specifically for his or her life. Some individuals, for example, may require special care for dementia or for diabetes, but not all nursing homes are equipped to handle such medical conditions.

At our Florida law firm, we have helped numerous families navigate the complexity of a situation after their loved one’s nursing home committed abuse or neglect. We also help individuals pursue financial claims for financial restitution following mistreatment at one of these facilities.

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