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Get a handle on nursing home abuse quickly with these steps

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect are horrifying to the families of patients and devastating to the patients themselves. Many times, patients in nursing homes have no way to fight back against physical or emotional abuse. They may retreat into themselves, acting differently than normal and showing signs that something just isn’t right.

As a loved one of a patient, it’s terrible to think that someone you love is going through abuse of any kind. If you can stop it, you certainly will try. How can you, though? Is there a specific process? Here’s a little information to help.

1. Before choosing a nursing home, check its reviews and ratings

Before you choose a nursing home, check its reviews. Do searches on the medical providers and nurses there online. Look at the nursing home’s rating, and make sure it’s of the quality you expect.

2. Stay in contact

The patients who do best in nursing care have family members who are in frequent contact. They feel more comfortable and have a way to say if something isn’t right in the home. Listen carefully, and watch your family member for changes in behavior.

3. Talk to the director and nurses

Getting to know the nursing home staff and the director is important. When they know you by name, your loved one is more likely to be on their radar and, usually, less likely to get hurt. Make it clear that you’re watching them, and you may see an improvement in care.

4. When you think they’re abused, speak out

Don’t allow the situation to escalate. If you notice your loved one acting unusual or getting hurt frequently, it’s time to speak with the director and contact your attorney.

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