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3 Types Of Nursing Home Abuse You May Not Be Aware of

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When your elderly family member needs full-time assistance, you expect him or her to receive care, not harm. Yet, harm is the reality for many seniors in nursing homes and other types of adult care facilities reveals the National Council on Aging.

You may already be aware of the health problems that can occur from understaffing, medical malpractice, violence, and the over-prescription of drugs. Have you ever considered these possible forms of elderly abuse?

1. Digital privacy violations

This is the age of social media, where people post more information than is necessary. Some people use such sites to make fun of others, either directly or indirectly through photos and memes. Other users have little understanding of or concern about the privacy of posts and may share photos, stories, and personal information of patients thinking that it is a safe place to vent about work. The internet is not a safe place. Information travels quickly and is hard to permanently erase. Once the damage is done, it is done. Watch out for employees snapping pictures on their phones. Always make sure your loved one gives consent before the facility uses photos, stories, and names in newsletters, advertisements, and online content.

2. Sexual assault

You may not think you have to worry about sexual crimes with seniors, but the opposite is true. Elderly nursing home patients are extremely vulnerable due to their physical and mental conditions. They can be easy targets for sexual predators. Signs of sexual abuse include:

  • Injury to the pelvic area, thighs, or private parts
  • Bloody or torn undergarments
  • Panic attacks
  • Unusual sexual behavior
  • Social withdrawal

Remember that family members can also be responsible, so watch out for your loved one with all people involved in his or her care.

3. Third-party abuse

Does the nursing home offer excursions or transport to the hospital through a third party? Even if the nursing home staff are not behind the abuse, they are accountable for the companies they contract with. You can still hold the facility legally responsible for any accidents, injuries, or negligence.

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