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How Can Nursing Home Neglect Harm Your Elderly Loved One?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Being alone for long periods of time and dealing with a lack of attention from a caregiver can lead to serious mental and physical complications.

This neglect is even more severe for elderly people, who often rely on caretakers for everyday needs in nursing homes.

Deteriorating hygiene

According to Psychology Today, one of the first problems you may notice is a lack of personal hygiene. Unkempt hair, odd stains and improper clothing for the weather are all signs that a caretaker is neglecting your loved one. He or she may appear cold or overheated at various times whenever you visit.

Lack of personal items

If you notice your loved one does not have any devices or aids near them at any time, such as eyeglasses or dentures, it may become a bigger issue. Not being able to see or hear properly leads to isolation and confusion for older people.

Caretakers may also forget to refill prescriptions or leave the bottles in a place where they are inaccessible. Empty bottles lying around your loved one’s room could signal this is a common problem.

Dehydration and hunger

In extreme cases, a lack of food or water can also cause health complications. If your loved one seems to have trouble urinating or has dry and fragile skin, it could mean a chronic problem with dehydration.

He or she may seem slow or more sluggish than normal and may have lost a lot of weight. Complaints about a dry mouth or bout of confusion also tie into a lack of food or water. Noticing these subtle signs of nursing home abuse can help you keep your loved one safe.

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