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Neglect Is Unacceptable, but There Is Help Available

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

You were surprised when your mom called you from the assisted living facility. You live far enough away that you don’t visit often, but she normally waited for you to call. You had a regular schedule of calls that you placed to make sure she heard from you and that you could check in with her.

This time, something was different. She seemed a little nervous on the phone, and she said she needed you to come to the facility. In the background, you heard a crash. Not knowing what was happening, you said you’d be on your way and hurried over.

When you got there, it was a disaster. Your mom’s room was dirty and you could tell that no one had been there to help her recently. In total disarray, it was clear that your mother was struggling to take care of herself, and in the few short weeks since your last visit, she’d gone without the help she needed.

This kind of neglect is unacceptable in an assisted living facility. These facilities have nurses and attendants that are supposed to check in on your loved ones and care for them. The staff should be helping with the basics, like simple cleaning and cooking. Seeing that none of this had been done, it’s clear that your mother had been pushed aside.

What should you do if this happens to your loved one?

If someone you love is completely neglected in an assisted living facility, you should immediately speak with the director of the facility, and if your loved one is hurt, call 911. You can also reach out to an attorney for more help.

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