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Do You Suspect Your Close Friend Is Suffering From Elder Neglect?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Firm News

Imagine you have an older friend who is approaching the point health-wise of not being able to care for him or herself. You know that this individual has people around him or her who can provide care; nevertheless, you have a suspicion that your friend isn’t getting the kind of care he or she requires. In fact, it seems like your friend is suffering from elder neglect.

Here’s are the elder neglect signs you should look for:

— Your friend lacks food, heating or water in his or her home.

— Medical conditions are rapidly getting worse both mentally and physically.

— The living environment is not adequate. Your friend doesn’t have enough space or ventilation.

— Insects or animals are beginning to invade the living quarters.

— It appears that your friend is not receiving or taking the right medicine. Medication bottles are empty, unmarked or outdated.

— The home where your friend lives is unsafe or in disrepair. It could also be dirty and unsanitary.

— Your friend has unexplained injuries that he or she won’t explain.

— Malnutrition or dehydration is a concern for your friend. The signs include a lack of energy, dry skin, apathy and mental confusion.

— Your friend is suffering from poor hygiene.

— Bedsores are developing.

— Your friend is not wearing proper clothing or the clothes are dirty.

— Your friend is ambivalent toward family members or caregivers.

This is just a shortlist of possible signs of elder abuse. Ultimately, your best guide is your intuition. If you’re worried that your friend, family member or someone else you love could be suffering from elder neglect, reach out to an elder law attorney immediately.

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