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What are some rights my loved one has in an assisted living facility?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

When your loved one enters an assisted living facility, he or she may feel as if they have no say in anything. However, the Florida Statutes give residents specific rights to ensure they maintain the ability to live well and stand up for themselves should that be necessary.

Rights cover everything from being able to make choices to ensuring safety.

Basic civil rights

Just because someone is living in a facility, it does not eliminate his or her basic civil rights. The person still can expect to have the right to all the freedoms he or she had prior under the constitution. For example, freedoms of religion and speech still apply. Residents can also refuse visitors and can participate in activities as they wish. They have the general freedom to make their own decisions.


Even in a situation where the person is under the care of a facility, he or she has privacy rights. This includes the ability to have private communications and to keep health information confidential. Privacy rights also apply in receiving care and with his or her health information.


The resident can ask for and look at inspection reports for the facility or other information about the facility. He or she has the right to information about his or her finances and can manage them. Residents also have the right to file complaints and to have information about filing complaints. The resident also has the right to all health information and details, including any orders for care.

Above all else, residents should expect fair treatment. They should not face abuse or neglect. Every resident deserves to live in a happy and healthy environment.

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