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What Is the Role of a Certified Nursing Assistant?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Recognizing that your parent needs help with self-care, you probably are looking at various assisted living facilities in the area to find the right one where your loved one can live. If you are not experienced with assisted living facilities, you should know about the kinds of workers that take care of residents, such as certified nursing assistants.

Residents in assisted living do not need constant care, but they do require some form of assistance that is readily available. CNAs are a critical part of the care you will find in assisted living.

The duties of CNAs

Chron explains that CNAs offer various kinds of assistance depending on the needs of the residents. A CNA can help someone out with dressing and disrobing. A resident may need help with mobility. Some people require assistance to use the toilet or to bathe. CNAs also provide meals and assist residents with dining.

CNAs also have the important duty to watch over changes in a resident’s behavior and health. A resident, once independent and vibrant, may suddenly become withdrawn and quiet. The person may stop eating meals or will not get out of bed. These behaviors could indicate serious health problems. The CNA must inform the nursing supervisor so that the resident can receive tests or an ambulance transport to a nearby hospital.

Nurses and CNAs

CNAs work under the supervision of a registered nurse, so you must know the kind of nursing staff present in an assisted living facility. Some facilities have visiting nurses or part-time RNs. A larger facility may have a full-time nursing staff, particularly if the facility has residents with different physical and mental disabilities.

You may feel greater peace of mind if you know a facility has qualified CNAs and registered nurses to maintain oversight over them. This hierarchy may keep tabs on your loved one’s health and prevent a life threatening emergency from arising.

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