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Your Aging Family Member’s Right to Timely Medical Care

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Part of the reason you put your aging family member in a nursing home in Florida was for the reassurance of on-site medical care. Because the elderly are more susceptible to injury, the need for timely and quality medical treatment becomes more important than ever.

If your loved one does not get adequate medical treatment, it is a form of elder abuse and neglect. Staying aware of the type of treatment your family member receives can help you prevent negligence that could threaten life expectancy.

The need for respect

Encourage your family member to voice personal concerns and expectations for medical treatment. You can advocate for your loved one’s expectations by following the instructions previously described in his or her advanced directive. You can also verify that medical treatment honors individual needs and requirements when you attend doctor’s appointments. According to the Regis College, respectful medical treatment of your family member includes the following behaviors:

  • Listening to concerns
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Showing respect and honoring personal opinions
  • Demonstrating patience
  • Encouraging independent decision-making
  • Displaying empathy

The value of time

In conjunction with the aforementioned characteristics of respectful medical treatment, your family member should receive prompt assistance to address concerning symptoms. Communicate regularly with your family member to verify that staff members have listened to his or her needs and have responded quickly and with concern.

Because negligence in treatment does happen, watch for warning signs that your loved one is the victim of abuse. If you suspect that worsening medical conditions are the result of delayed treatment, you should voice your concerns to facility management right away.

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