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What Services Are There in an Assisted Living Facility?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Helping your aging family member stay as independent as possible can have its challenges, especially if you are not able to provide 24/7 assistance. In this situation, moving your family member to an assisted living facility in Florida may help to preserve his or her independence and relieve some of your burdens.

Understanding the services that an assisted living facility provides can enable you to recognize suspicious behaviors that could indicate maltreatment.

Help with personal care

Assisted living facilities hire staff that has the skills to aid your family member in completing daily tasks. Some of the services they may provide include the following:

  • Management and distribution of medications
  • Assistance with personal grooming and self-care
  • On-site emergency care
  • Food preparation and service
  • Community and social activities

Take time to tour each facility you consider and become familiar with the services they provide. If at any point in your family member’s care you notice discrepancies and suspect that your loved one is not receiving fair treatment, report your concerns to management.

Assessing individual needs

Your family member may have all of the skills to take care of personal needs but lack the mental aptitude to manage dosages and frequency of prescribed medications. Or maybe your loved one has maintained a keen mental awareness but has physical disabilities that prevent him or her from being able to independently complete personal grooming tasks. WebMD suggests that you help your family member assess individual needs and circumstances. Doing so will aid you in finding an assisted living facility that will adequately address his or her situation and provide a suitable level of care.

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