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Nursing Home Discharges Residents for Monetary Gain

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

We have heard our fair share of the mishaps regarding nursing homes over the last year. Most of these cases consist of the failure of nursing homes to follow the proper state guidelines and protect patients.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is taking a new turn as one facility faces charges of illegally removing long-term residents to make room for patients that will bring in more money.

The allure of certain illnesses in patients

Nursing homes receive funds from Medicare for most of the patients that live in the facility. Medicare currently pays a higher amount for residents that have certain illnesses. In fact, certain diagnoses may bring in up to four times the amount which a standard patient does.

According to The Los Angeles Times, this discrepancy in reimbursement funds motivated one nursing home to increase its bottom line by evicting long-term residents and giving their rooms to patients with higher earning illnesses. These patients allegedly wound up on the streets, or in places that could not provide adequate care for them. In one instance, a man with dementia wound up in a boarding house before someone found him wandering the streets the next day.

Holding nursing homes accountable

This news is understandably disturbing, especially if you have a loved one currently in a nursing home. Holding nursing homes accountable for this type of abuse is an important step towards stopping it. Do not hesitate to question the managers of a nursing home housing your loved one to determine if they are following the correct guidelines and laws.

If you have any suspicion of abuse or mistreatment, report it immediately.

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