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A Look at the Elder Justice Act

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Whether you suspect that your loved one is suffering due to mistreatment or you are trying to understand your legal options in the wake of mistreatment, you need to go over the different protections that are in place. Sometimes, nursing homes handle mistreatment, but in other instances, the state or federal government must step in to address abuse. For example, there are programs in place at the federal level that aim to eliminate elder abuse, such as the Elder Justice Act.

Abuse in nursing homes impacts far too many older adults and it is important for residents, family members, nursing home workers and those who run these facilities to understand the ins and outs of laws that protect older adults.

What is the Elder Justice Act?

According to the Administration for Community Living, the Elder Justice Act strives to combat the abuse of older adults in nursing homes in various ways. This act, approved in 2010, helps address elder abuse at the federal level. In fact, this act is symbolic because it marks the first time that sweeping federal legislation focused on older adults experiencing exploitation, abuse and neglect. Under this act, elderly residents living in nursing homes have additional safeguards to prevent and address mistreatment.

How does the Elder Justice Act protect older adults?

The Elder Justice Act supports efforts to research elder abuse and also helps state and federal agencies work together to identify and prevent the abuse of older adults. If you believe that your loved one is not receiving the level of care they deserve, do not wait to address any violations of the law.

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