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Florida to Allow Nursing Home Residents to Go Home for the Holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

The holiday season can be an isolating time for many Miami residents, but none more than individuals who live in nursing and assisted living facilities. This year, many residents of nursing homes have been unable to see their loved ones due to restrictions focused on stopping the spread of the pandemic. However, the state has recently relaxed its restrictions and will allow this population of Floridians to leave their facilities to go home to their families.

What the rule allows

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Florida families with loved ones in nursing homes will be allowed to remove their relations from their facilities and bring them to their houses. Families should understand that upon return, all residents will have to undergo health screenings. If they do not pass their screenings they will be subject to 14 day periods of quarantine.

Why this rule is important to nursing home residents

Incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect are often discovered under the watchful eyes of friends and families who visit care facilities. Over the last year, fewer people have been allowed into nursing homes to visit with their relatives and to check on their well-being. During the holidays, families who take their loved ones home will have opportunities to talk to them and evaluate if they are receiving the support and care that they require for their conditions.

For families that suspect their loved ones may have suffered from abuse or neglect while in their nursing home facilities, legal options may be available. Claims based on personal injuries and other losses can help some individuals and families secure compensation for what has been taken from them. This post does not offer any legal advice and all questions about nursing home abuse and neglect can be directed to knowledgeable local North Miami attorneys.

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