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Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Elder Abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

There are many myths about elder abuse that can be detrimental to helping elders. From believing that all abuse is physical to thinking that you’ll know if someone is being abused, the following myths need to be debunked.

Knowing the truth can be helpful in protecting those you love. Here are three myths and the truth that lies beyond them.

Myth #1: Abuse is always obvious when it’s physical

According to Forbes and an interview with a professor of gerontology at the University of Southern California, physical abuse may not be obvious. Depending on where the injury is and the type of injury that is caused, you might not notice anything.

For example, if a nurse twists your loved one’s arm and hurts them, there may be no bruising. Similarly, even with bruising, it might be easily explained away as a sign of age-related issues, like being less agile.

Myth #2: Elders will tell you if they’re being abused

Elder abuse can be confusing to older individuals. It can also make them fearful or depressed. Some feel like it’s their fault that they’re being abused because they aren’t able to help out or avoid causing trouble. Many elders won’t report abuse, so it may be up to you to find out that it’s happening on your own.

Myth #3: All abuse is physical abuse

Abuse doesn’t have to be physical. It may be psychological, financial, physical, emotional, sexual or any other kind. Your loved one deserves to have protection against abuse of any kind.

Our website has more information about elder abuse and what you should do if you suspect it in your loved one’s nursing home. This is your time to protect them.

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