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How to Find a Safe Assisted Living Facility for Your Parents

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

As your parents age, they may lose their ability to take care of themselves. They might experience a freak accident. Or they could suffer a sudden medical emergency that accelerates their decline. In these cases, you might be scrambling to find them a suitable living arrangement.

Yet researching assisted living facilities can feel exhausting. Many of these places have poor reputations and have racked up countless violations. At some point, you might wonder if there’s anywhere safe and suitable for your parents to live.

You may feel frustrated by the state of Florida’s assisted living residences. But keep these suggestions in mind, which can help you find a facility that’s safe for your parents.

Study the state’s inspections

Florida makes its assisted living violations available to the public. By researching the facilities you’re considering, you can find out the number and type of violations they’ve received. You can also look up these facts for other facilities under the company’s ownership. This can help you determine if their residences have a pattern of violations – or few overall.

Prepare for the expense

After finding a facility that seems safe, you may wince at its monthly cost. In Florida, this averages $3,150. This may seem unaffordable. But consider the difference in the quality of care your parents will receive. If they cannot afford a top facility without help, you can work with Florida’s Medicaid program to reduce the expense. This will not affect their rent but could decrease the cost of care at the facility. Keep in mind, though, that this program has a wait list. And if your parents do not qualify for Medicaid – or must move right away – family assistance can defray part of the cost.

Diligent research and financial help can ease your parents’ move into assisted living. Yet you still may fear for their safety, no matter how sterling the facility’s reputation is. Consulting with an elder law professional can help you work through your concerns as your parents transition.

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