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Standing Against Elder Abuse Is About Justice

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When people talk about elder abuse, they often talk about it with a tone toward sympathy. They feel bad for those being abused and want to make it right.

It’s not that this is the wrong approach, necessarily, but experts suggest that it goes further than that. It’s not just about feeling bad about what someone else had to endure. It’s about seeking justice. It’s about seeking fair treatment for all.

After all, a lot of elder abuse happens because of an inherent unfairness. They do not have the same power and position as those who abuse them.

For instance, perhaps an elderly person lives in a nursing home. They have physical or mental issues that mean they need care around the clock. They depend on their caregivers completely, the same way that a child depends on their parents. They deserve the same sort of support and assistance.

However, this position also makes them vulnerable. They may not be able to stand up against the abuse or even remember it after it happens. They may give in to threats and intimidation because they depend on those who hold this position of power over them.

That’s how this situation is really rooted in injustice. They’re not getting fair treatment directly because of their age and the limitations that they face. Their rights are being violated, and they are being harmed.

Has this been happening to an elderly loved one in your family, or are you worried that it is? If so, make sure you really understand all of the legal options that you have.

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