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Slow Response Times Are a Serious Issue

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2019 | Firm News

Nursing homes and assisted living centers can be very busy places. The staff has a lot to do, and due to low wages and difficult tasks, these institutions are often understaffed.

That said, the staff has to respond promptly whenever a call light comes on. Elderly residents often have no way to move on their own, let alone perform complex actions like taking a shower or making food. Many struggle just to get out of bed or use the restroom on their own. They need that support staff.

One woman told a story of how she often had to wait absurd lengths of time just to go to the bathroom after pushing the call light. She was in the hospital after surgery, but it was a very similar situation because she, like many elderly individuals, simply could not walk on her own.

The first time, it took half an hour for the staff to respond, and her parents had to dangerously help her cross the room on her own. The next time, it took an hour and a half, and it was too late by the time they arrived. The woman was frustrated and angry; the whole thing increased her injury risks and subjected her to emotional trauma.

That’s the very real impact of neglect. The loss of independence is already hard for many elderly residents. An event like this just makes it humiliating and potentially hazardous to their health. If the staff at a center neglects your loved one in this fashion, you must know what legal steps you can take.

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