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Not Everyone in Nursing Homes Is Elderly

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Are you wondering if it’s time to move your loved one into a nursing home? Maybe you feel like they need assistance, but you’re just not sure if they’re old enough yet.

While this is not a rule, per se, it is worth noting that nursing homes tend to have very few residents who are under the age of 65. It is possible, certainly, but not that many people under that age need the type of care that a home provides.

As far as a general age is concerned, studies have found that about 50% of people in these homes are at least 85 years old. This includes those over the age of 85.

Gender does not play a role in who can go to a nursing home, but there are nevertheless some clear gender divides. For instance, about 72% of residents are female. While some have a spouse who lives with them in the nursing home or who still lives in the family home, most do not. About 70% of these women never married, got divorced or already saw their spouse pass away.

Whether someone should be in a nursing home is less about age and more about the type of care that your loved one needs. If they could benefit from greater assistance than you or another family member can give, it doesn’t really matter if they are 65 years old or 85 years old.

Of course, if you do put them in a nursing home, you expect a high level of care. That’s the entire reason for the move. If they suffer neglect or abuse, it’s important to know what legal steps you can take.

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