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Red Flags of a Bad Assisted Living Facility

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

As your parent ages, you may need to start looking at assisted living facilities. Transitioning mom or dad into an assisted living situation can be tricky. But, of course, you will try your best to choose one that will provide the best care and support for your loved one.

You will likely make phone calls, emails, consultations and tours of various facilities to ensure you make the best decision. During this process, you may encounter some red flags that indicate a facility is unsafe for your elderly parent. Here are a few warning signs of a bad assisted living facility.

Reported violations

Assisted living facilities operate under strict regulations. The agency that oversees these facilities in Florida is called the Agency for Health Care Administration. The AHCA is responsible for licensing and regulating these facilities. This involves routine inspections. If the agency finds violations, it reports them. You can view these reports online. If a facility has complaints and deficiencies, chances are it is not an ideal place for your parent to be.

Staffing issues

Youget a close look at staff members when you tour an assisted living community. Does there appear to be an adequate number of people working in comparison to the number of residents? Do residents seem to have their needs met? Are staff members knowledgeable about the facility, professional in their conduct and friendly with residents? If something seems off about the staff at a particular facility, keep it in mind.

Bad reviews

Of course, another helpful way to gain insight into a particular facility is by reading reviews online. It is important to remember that not every bad review necessarily means it is a bad facility though. There are likely some poor reviews that are due to individual and minor complaints. But if you notice a trend of bad reviews about living conditions, neglect or abuse, then it is rightful to question whether the community is a good place.

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