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Neglect or Negligence Can Lead To Injuries in Assisted Living

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

In an assisted living facility, there are sometimes special steps that can be taken to protect your loved one. The assisted living facility is typically designed to make sure your loved one gets the appropriate help throughout the day as and when it’s needed. For example, your mom or dad might need help getting dressed in the morning because of a limited range of motion but be able to cook and get around by themselves. An assisted-living facility would then send an aide or nurse to help, so that your mom or dad could get dressed and continue on with their day.

Sometimes, facilities don’t take their responsibilities as seriously as they should. Imagine if your mom or dad waited for someone to help them get dressed at 8 a.m., just like every morning. Now, imagine that it’s well-past 10 a.m. and no one has come. Your parent might be waiting to go out and decide they can just get ready themselves. However, their low mobility can be problematic and could lead to a fall while trying to get dressed.

In that case, you would have a fair reason to complain about neglect. The facility should be providing the services that have been ordered at the appropriate time each day. If your loved one gets hurt because of mistakes or intentional neglect, it’s your right to seek legal solutions to correct the problem and compensate them for the injuries and other damages.

Our website has more on assisted living and what you should do if your loved one is hurt while under the care of an assisted living facility or nursing home.

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