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3 Examples of Elder Neglect

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Firm News

When a vulnerable adult reaches a certain age, he or she could rely entirely on loved ones for financial, emotional and physical support. This is a normal part of the aging process for many, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but if the caretaker of the vulnerable adult doesn’t perform his or her duties, it can become a terrible and neglectful situation fast.

Here are three examples of elder neglect:

Failing to help with medications

Some patients require their medications for an easier life experience — or to prevent serious health consequences — so it’s vital that they take their medications on time. When neglect sets in, the caretaker might forget or fail to provide the medications that the vulnerable adult requires.

Failure to bathe and assist with hygiene needs

An elderly mother or father could develop various health problems as a result of poor hygiene.

Failure to assist with cleaning and other household tasks

Many victims of elder neglect find themselves in horrible and unsanitary living conditions because their caretakers failed to help them keep their homes in order.

Failure to provide company and support

Other elderly individuals suffer from loneliness because no one is there to talk with them or provide them with company. This can have devastating psychological effects.

Do you know someone suffering from elder neglect? Contact our law firm for a thorough evaluation. Our legal team will help you explore how to keep your friend or family member safe from further neglect while pursuing legal action to hold the at-fault party responsible for damages and injuries.

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