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The 4 Main Kinds of Elder Abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

The elderly segment of the population is vulnerable to abuse, and unfortunately, they are often abused if the wrong kinds of people are caring for them. Often, the “abusers” will argue and fight the fact that they’re committing this abuse, and go to great lengths to hide it. That’s why — if you suspect your loved one, relative or friend is being abused — you need to be careful to keep an eye out for signs of the following types of abuse:

Physical abuse

This can involve shoving, kicking, hitting and even burning an older person on purpose. Sometimes, elderly people are restrained or tied down to a wheelchair or bed, then locked into a room — or provided sedative drugs that the doctor has not approved.

Sexual abuse

Tragically, many elderly persons are forced into having sexual relations or having sexual contact with another person. Sexual abuse could also involve being forced to watch pornography, being raped or being subjected to any number of unwanted sexual acts.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse involves others taking advantage of the elderly person financially, even extorting, bullying or forcing the person to give money.


Finally, neglect is another form of abuse. Perhaps caretakers don’t provide the elderly person with sufficient water, food or housing. The individual might also not receive baths or medication when required.

The above types of abuses can happen to an elderly person at home or at a long-term care facility. If your loved one is being subjected to elder abuse by others, learn about your legal rights and options by visiting our website immediately.

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