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How Can You Better Determine if Neglect or Abuse Took Place?

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Interventions are needed when the elderly are being neglected. No matter who it is, no one deserves to be treated as if they’re worthless or not deserving of care. Elder neglect often starts slow, but when those who neglect or abuse others realize that no one will stop them, the abuse can become significant.

Around one out of every 10 elders experiences abuse or neglect by a caregiver each year. The sad thing is that most researchers agree that the number of people struggling with abuse is going to continue to grow.

How can nursing homes and other facilities reduce the likelihood of abuse or neglect?

The best thing they can do, according to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, is to have physicals performed on patients suspected of being abused or neglected. While it’s always a good idea to screen for elder abuse, that on its own isn’t enough to catch elder abuse every time it happens.

Where is abuse most likely to take place?

Abuse or neglect are more likely to occur in a domestic situation. For example, if a family takes in an elderly loved one, there is a higher risk of abuse there than in a professional facility. It may, however, also occur in those long-term care facilities, especially if there is a poor screening process for new aides or nurses.

If you suspect neglect or abuse, make sure your loved one gets a full physical and cognitive screening. These screenings could provide the evidence you need to take the case further and protect those you love.

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