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Isolation a Leading Factor in Elder Abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

People who deal with elder abuse often wonder what they can do to reduce it. The reality is that stopping elder abuse can only happen if people are present. Many cases of elder abuse involve elders who are isolated or unable to help themselves.

Take, for example, two different elders. One lives alone and has one child who visits her three times per week. Another is also living alone, but she only sees her two children on holidays.

Which of these do you think is more likely to suffer from elder abuse?

You might guess that it is the person who sees their loved ones more often, but the reality is that it is the person who is left alone without care or check-ins from their loved ones. Even if they have nurses or aids who come to their home, they may not receive the care they need. With no relative or loved one to monitor that care, there is a higher risk of abuse.

Isolation is the biggest factor in abuse. This abuse could be something like neglect, or it could be exploitation. In either case, there is a high risk to elders who live alone and have little exposure to the outside world.

How can you protect your loved one?

Make an effort to be there, even if it is through digital means or by calling regularly. Don’t allow isolation to lead to your loved one’s suffering. Just checking in regularly could help you prevent an accident from becoming a tragic situation for your loved one and family.

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