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Is Understaffing a Problem That Leads to Injuries in Care Homes?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse happens for many reasons. Some include being isolated, societal triggers and even peer pressure. In other cases, neglect is a form of abuse. Perhaps someone working with your loved one is not educated on how to appropriately care for them or the individual takes a dislike to your loved one and tries to ignore them. In either case, the news is not good for your loved ones, because they are likely to be harmed.

Not every nursing home is dangerous to your loved one, and it is fair to say that many people who work with the elderly have their best interests at heart. The problem is that there is a risk of hiring someone who does not have your loved one’s best interests in mind. In other cases, simply being understaffed can lead to an increased chance of illnesses or overmedicating patients to avoid complaints.

Understaffing is a reality and a problem

The understaffing of nursing homes is a consistent problem that can lead to injuries and deaths. Patients may not receive their medications on time, and if they do not receive help when they call, they may try to get up or move around without assistance. This often leads to falls.

When there is not enough staff, residents suffer physically and emotionally. Emotionally, patients may be lonely or fail to develop a relationship with the staff members. Physically, there is a much higher risk of bedsores, weight loss, malnutrition, preventable hospitalizations, fractures and injuries, dehydration and incontinence. This isn’t fair for any elder. If you see that the staff levels are too low, speak up. It could help you save your loved one’s life.

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