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What Is the Job of an Assisted Living Nurse?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Nurses who work in assisted living facilities have many roles. They’re intended to administer medications and supervise administration when it’s performed by assistants. They assess residents regularly. They even make plans for residents to keep them medicated, safe and sound while continually assessing the plans to make sure they’re right for the patients.

These are the primary roles of the nurses, which are supposed to be adhered to. Some of the other things they do include:

  • Providing fresh water to patients and monitoring intake
  • Helping move/adjust patients to prevent bedsores
  • Taking patients to meals or reminding them of meals regularly
  • Making sure patients eat
  • Encouraging medication dosages at the right times of day
  • Responding to calls for help or assistance
  • Bathing/assisting with bathing residents

Assisted living facilities are not quite the same as a nursing home, because many residents still have the ability to do some things for themselves. They may be able to come to meal times on their own and have no trouble bathing or dressing. However, it’s up to the nursing staff to continually monitor a patient’s abilities and to decide when the patient needs to be on a more supported plan. Elders often decline over time, so proper monitoring prevents injuries, missed medications and poor hygiene.

This job is extremely important. For people who notice that their loved ones are not receiving appropriate care, speak up. There may be other nurses who can take over care, or you may be able to prevent serious injuries from occurring. Monitoring your loved one’s care is just one thing you can do to prevent malpractice and negligence.

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