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The Mistreatment of Elders Is a Reality for Many

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Elder abuse is a serious problem, but there is a solution. People can take more steps to monitor for it and to stop it. Recognizing when a loved one is distraught or when there have been too many seemingly accidental injuries could help you save someone’s life.

Elder abuse doesn’t always start in a nursing home. Sometimes, it’s neglect in a home or with relatives. Abuse isn’t always physical, either. It sometimes is as simple as forgetting to give an elder their medications or neglecting to make sure they get enough water to drink.

Neglect can be as harmful as abuse

Neglect can be as harmful as abuse. In fact, abandoning an elder or failing to care for them appropriately can lead to illnesses and death. For instance, if an elder cannot move on their own, they’re at a high risk for bedsores. Neglecting to help them move regularly could lead to bedsores that become painful and infected. It’s possible that the infection could become septic and lead to the elderly person’s death.

Not all cases of elder neglect are the same. In some cases, they aren’t malicious, either. Still, the reality is that someone should be held accountable if an elder’s care is not taken seriously and they’re left without the help they need.

Elderly individuals are vulnerable and deserve love and support from those around them. It is easy for them to fall victim to neglect and abuse, but those around them can prevent that from happening by checking in on them regularly and making sure they’re healthy. Our site has more on this important topic.

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