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The Importance of Thoroughly Screening Assisted-Living Options

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Assisted Living Facility Abuse and Neglect

Before moving into an assisted-living facility, it is crucial for you to develop a personal plan to maintain your safety. Many supportive living communities offer amenities and staffing to accommodate most needs. Despite many facilities taking extraordinary measures to keep their residents safe, there exists a number of abuse and neglect cases occurring in assisted-living centers in Aventura and across the country.

Not all cases of elderly abuse and neglect are intentional. Inadequate staffing, a lack of unqualified staff, and improper resident supervision are a few of the many issues that plague assisted-living centers. Below are several factors that current and potential assisted-living home residents should consider regarding their safety:

Proper screening protocols for employees

Many senior communities and assisted-living facilities do not thoroughly screen their workers. A common reason for hiring inadequately-trained staff is not having a diverse and qualified pool of professionals to choose from. Rather than address the concerns that cause them to have staffing shortages, many facilities have a revolving door that puts residents at risk of harm.

Assess all residents for risk

When residents are properly screened for issues that can compromise their health and overall well-being, assisted living center staff members can take measures to implement additional safety requirements to prevent accidents and complications. For example, if you tend to trip, stumble or fall, take medications or suffer from conditions that compromise your gait and balance, that information should end up in your charts so that staff does not overlook anything that could cause you to hurt yourself or be harmed by others.

Prevent rubber stamping

Assisted living center employees are busy, especially when they are overworked and understaffed. Workers should document every communication, directive, doctor order and staff interaction to prevent miscommunication, oversight and other issues that can lead to compromised care, such as elopement prevention procedures, accountability protocols and more.

Any assisted living community you choose should have contingency plans that in place to protect your safety and address your concerns when necessary.

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