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How Nursing Home Field Trips Can Lead To Injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

When you look at nursing homes for your parents to live in, two deciding factors might be the level of socialization available and how often your parents can get out. After all, going to the library once a week or being able to see a play every month gives them something to look forward to and can help keep their brains sharper.

Of course, nursing homes do have a responsibility to keep residents safe on field trips just as if they were in the nursing home itself. If your parents have sustained an injury on an excursion, staff members may have been able to prevent it.

Fewer staffers on hand

Many nursing homes are understaffed as it is, and the number of personnel going on field trips may be insufficient. For example, there could be inadequate numbers of people to dispense medication, to safely get residents around and to prevent residents from wandering off or falling.

New experience or new site

It is smart practice for nursing home staffers to stick to sites they frequent on field trips because they know the lay of the land. They know where potential hazards are, and they know how to best keep residents safe.

Facilities do introduce new experiences every once in a while, and a resident could be at a higher risk of injury, especially if the nursing home has not compensated for the new experience with additional staffers.

Bus/van crashes

Field trips usually mean transporting residents via a bus or van. Most of the time, these go just fine. However, when you go out, there is always a risk of a car crash. Nursing home residents tend to have frailer bodies, and a crash could devastate them physically. Whether the nursing home believes the crash was its fault or not, it has the responsibility of getting residents to a doctor for an exam.

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