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How bad can bed sores get?

Pressure sores, also known as bed sores, are a significant injury that can take place if a person doesn’t move his or her body often enough. They’re common among neglected nursing home residents and those with physical restrictions, since they can’t shift their bodies when they feel pressure on a joint or particular area.

To avoid pressure sores developing, nursing home caregivers are meant to take care of patients, to move them regularly and to monitor them for bed sore development. If they don’t, then bed sores could quickly worsen and become dangerous to the patient’s health.

The four stages of bed sores

Bed sores advance through four stages. These stages have specific symptoms as follows:

  • Stage one: The skin has marked redness. The spot won’t get lighter if you press on it or many minutes after you stop pressing on it. Change you position immediately and wash the sore with soap and water. Sometimes, a stage 1 bed sore will go away without medical help.
  • Stage 2: The sore goes deeper into the skin and leaves an open wound. It looks similar to a blister. Do the same steps as above and cover it with a see-through dressing. If there is any sign of infection, a patient should see a doctor.
  • Stage 3: The fat tissue is impacted by the sore. It may smell bad and have signs of infection. Talk to a doctor immediately, since antibiotics and the removal of necrotic tissue may be necessary.
  • Stage 4: This level of bed sore is the most serious and can affect ligaments and muscles. The sores are large, deep and may expose bone. This wound required emergency care.

These are a few things to know about the stages of bed sores. There’s never any reason these should occur in a medical facility. If you believe that a loved one has been neglected or abused, an experienced Florida attorney can help you determine what your legal options are.


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