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Can I file a lawsuit against my doctor for battery?

From time-to-time, this blog discusses surgical errors and how they can be extremely damaging to victims. While doctors and nurses are often responsible for leaving foreign objects inside of patients, operating on a wrong body part, or performing the wrong operations, they are also sometimes responsible for providing a patient with an unnecessary or unwanted operation. The results from these procedures can be just as harmful, so you should be aware of how the law operates in this context.

What is a surgical site infection and how can it affect me?

The thought of being knocked unconscious for the purposes of a medical operation can send shivers up your spine. Though many doctors are adequately trained and experienced, and hospital personnel follow strict protocol to ensure patient safety, there are instances where a surgical error can leave a patient with significant harm. One of these occurs in the form of surgical site infections.

Our legal team stands ready to lend a helping hand

Last week, we talked about the potential doctor shortage Florida could see in the coming years. Though a doctor shortage does not necessarily mean you will be subjected to medical malpractice, it might increase the risk of being treated by an overworked and fatigued medical professional. When you are treated by a stressed, tired doctor or nurse, harmful errors may occur.

Florida could see significant doctor shortage in years to come

All Floridians hope they can acquire excellent medical care when needed. They want, and rightly expect, their doctors and nurses to be readily available, adequately educated, and thoroughly trained. If these elements are met, then patients may receive excellent care that leaves them better off. Sometimes, though, errors occur that can leave a patient hurt. These incidences can happen when doctors and nurses are tired, inattentive, inexperienced, uneducated, or have poor decision-making skills. Unfortunately, Florida may be seeing more of these errors in the future.

What is a common type of surgical error?

It is usually quite difficult for Floridians to go under the knife for a medical operation. Though you might feel safe in the hands of your doctor, many times there is a natural concern about what can go wrong. The fact that you have no control over a surgery means that you are completely vulnerable. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you can be seriously injured by a surgical error.

Medical malpractice turns routine surgery into nightmare

Every day, Floridians go to the hospital for medical operations. While some of these surgeries are quite serious and carry an inherent risk of complications, others are minor and should be completed without any difficulties. However, far too often medical professionals fail to uphold their duty of care to their patients, placing their patients at extreme risk of harm. When this happens, an unsuspecting individual can be left with serious, irreversible injuries.

How common are wrong-site surgeries?

Last week we discussed how new technology could help prevent surgical errors. While this development might be promising for Miami's medical patients, it is far from reality. Until operation mistakes are completely avoidable, patients will have to confront the fact that they could be at risk of a wrong-site surgery.

New technology could help prevent surgery errors

Miami's residents are probably aware of the black box used in airplanes to record flight data and communications that is used to help investigators better understand why planes become disabled or crash. However, Floridians may not be aware that similar technology may soon be coming to a hospital near them in an attempt to reduce the number of surgery errors that cause patient harm.

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