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Is your loved one overly medicated or chemically restrained?

Two dangers that your senior relative faces as a nursing home resident in Florida are overmedication and chemical restraints. With allegations of improper medication administration and use of chemical restraints on the rise, it is important for you to know how a senior care facility is treating your loved one. Your relative may suffer from dementia, bipolar disorder, or some other mental or physical ailment that may make them more aggressive at times than normal. They may also suffer from anxiety. Regardless of their medical and mental conditions, you should keep a watchful eye on the type and frequency of medication your loved one's caregivers give them. 

An example of the dangers of medication errors

If you've seen television commercials for medications, then you know that their names can be difficult to pronounce and spell, and many of them have similar names. This can pose a significant risk to patients in Florida and nationwide who trust their doctors, nurses and pharmacists to prescribe, fill and administer medications. A medication error, whether a wrong dosage, wrong medication or wrong type of administration can cause serious harm to a patient. In the worst cases the incident proves fatal.

How common are medication errors during surgeries?

Whether it is in a clinic or hospital setting, patients in South Florida and elsewhere are often prescribed or administered medications. While this is common practice to address medical aliments, injuries and diseases, if medications are not properly given to a patient, these could result in great harm or even death to a patient. Medical mistakes can occur in various settings, but probably none more concerning than when a patient is under anesthesia during a surgical procedure.

What can I do to prevent medication errors?

Most medical professionals are highly educated and able to treat their patients with competence. This is great news for Floridians who are injured or ill. Yet, because there are so many skilled medical professionals out there, we lull ourselves into a false sense of security. Tragically, there are many doctors and nurses who make medical mistakes, whether in the form of misdiagnosis, surgical slipup, or medication error.

Medication errors harm many, causing significant damages

There are many ways that medical professionals can treat their patients. It all starts with an accurate diagnosis, then proceeds with treatment in the form of medication regimens and/or surgical operations. Though the education and experience possessed by doctors and nurses should render them qualified to safely and effectively treat individuals, all too often mistakes are made that result in harm. In these instances, victims may want to pursue a medical malpractice claim.

Even technology cannot fully prevent medication errors

The last several decades have seen a revolution in medication. Once incurable diseases are now eliminated by vaccinations, and other conditions and their symptoms can be beaten back, allowing individuals to live longer, healthier and happier lives. However, just as it is with other areas of healthcare, mistakes can be made in medication dosage or administration. These instances are far more common than we tend to think, and the result of such an error can be nothing short of tragic.

Medication errors and how the FDA tries to prevent them

Adequate healthcare often incorporates several elements. A patient must be thoroughly examined, accurately diagnosed, and appropriately treated, whether that means prescribing medication, conducting an operation, or both. Many Miamians undergo medical care with no issues. Others, though, are subjected to negligent care that can leave them worse off than they were before treatment.

Inaccurate weight estimates can lead to medication errors

Medication can play a vital role in an individual's health plan. While many Floridians take their medication without much thought, the reality of the matter is that there must be some precise calculations made in order to ensure that a medication is effective and safe when taken. Any slipup with regards to these calculations can lead to devastating consequences for a patient, potentially causing him or her serious injuries or death.

We diligently and competently represent medication error victims

Two weeks ago we discussed some measures taken by the FDA to try to curtail the instances of medication errors in hospitals and pharmacies. Though name assessment, in all its forms, is certainly beneficial to the public, the FDA's processes cannot prevent every mishap. Negligent medical professionals can still misinterpret a prescription, prescribe the wrong medication, administer the wrong dosage, or fail to consult a patient's allergies. When this happens, you can be left with extensive harm.

How the FDA tries to curb medication errors

Nearly every Floridian takes medication at one time or another in his or her life. Without thought, we swallow pills, down medicated liquids, and submit to injections. We put our trust in our doctors and nurses, oftentimes without even considering if what they are administering or prescribing is what we really need. Medication errors, though, are a reality, and many individuals are seriously harmed or even killed as a result. So, what is being done to curtail these tragic incidences?

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