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Amputated leg found in trash, hospital sued

The law is full of grey areas. As much as Floridians want legal matters to be cut-and-dry, the reality of the matter is that many times the nuances of the law come into play. With that in mind, many would think that hospitals and medical professionals have done everything they can to avoid glaring mishaps. This would be an erroneous assumption, as one recently filed lawsuit in Coral Gables highlights.

Hospital negligence lawsuit filed in Florida birth injury case

This blog devotes a lot of its time to discussing issues that affect the elderly. While these issues are certainly important, risks posed to babies, another vulnerable group, are just as serious. Floridian parents expecting the birth of their child are often excited. They may have big plans for the new addition to their family, and they put a lot of trust in their doctors to ensure their child is born safely. Though many medical professionals competently handle births, sometimes, a hospital mistake can cause irreparable harm.

Ruling could increase cruise ship medical malpractice claims

Florida is a major hub for the cruise line industry. Every year, thousands of individuals across Florida and the U.S. rely on these cruise lines for a nice get away from their normal lives. Though these vacations can be fun and relaxing, they can also be dangerous. Cruise lines have come under scrutiny lately for failing to provide their passengers with appropriate medical care when necessary. Making matters worse, cruise lines have primarily been exempt from medical malpractice lawsuits, giving them little reason to change their practices. But a recent court decision could change all of that.

What are some common defenses to medical malpractice?

If you follow this blog, then you probably know that when medical care goes wrong you can be seriously injured. It can drastically affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. You might lose physical abilities, emotional happiness and financial resources. Luckily, you might be able to recover compensation for these losses, but it often requires legal action. Though you and your attorney may be able to put forth a strong legal claim, it may be just as important to be familiar with some common medical malpractice defenses so that you know how to counter them.

Marvin Hamlisch's death spurs medical malpractice case

Most Floridians trust their doctors. When they make a medical diagnosis and recommend treatment options, these patients typically listen, and for good reason. Doctors spend years studying the human body, illnesses, injuries, and procedures in order to adequately provide healthcare to their patients. However, no amount of education and training can prevent human error and, unfortunately, these errors are often at the expense of patients' safety.

Hospital negligence claimed after doctor fails to examine patient

This blog often discusses medical mishaps that leave victims seriously injured. However, it is important for residents of Miami to realize that a hospital mistake can be deadly, leaving a victim's family with extreme emotional and financial loss. When fatal medical malpractice occurs, it may be in a surviving family's best interest to file a wrongful death lawsuit not only to recover its damages, but also to put a stop to the dangerous behavior that caused their loved one's passing.

Miami doctor commits medical malpractice, keeps his license

Many of Miami's residents expect their nurses and doctors to go through a rigorous certification and licensing process in order to ensure health care is safe and effective. Sometimes, however, these decisions are left in the hand of a medical board that may choose to merely fine a negligent doctor rather than revoke his or her license. Such an act may put patients in danger.

Medical malpractice claim: Doctors forced woman to have C-section

Florida's expecting mothers may feel a mix of joy and concern before they give birth. They are often excited to meet their newborn child, yet worry about the child's safety as well as her own. In most cases, doctors utilize their training and adhere to the standard of care they owe their patients, resulting in a safe, successful birth. In other cases, though, doctors make critical errors that should never happen, and unsuspecting mothers and their children pay the price.

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