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Doctors' failures lead to medical malpractice

Hospitals are meant to take care of individuals from the moment they enter the institution until the moment they leave. This means those who are sick are treated immediately and care does not end the moment a patient is sewn up after surgery. Unfortunately, doctors all too often fail to give their patients the care they deserve. When this hospital negligence occurs, irreparable harm and death can result. A recent lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania shows how serious medical malpractice can be, and why Miami residents should be aware.

Study shows seniors face risk of bad meds; medical malpractice

Miami residents, like others across the country, take prescribed medications without any qualms. Patients rightly expect that their doctors are competent enough to prescribe needed drugs at the proper strength. Doctors, unfortunately, sometimes fail to live up to these expectations. A recently released study shows just how vulnerable seniors are to medication errors.

Florida woman's estate awarded $2.3 million after jury finds facility negligent

People in Miami and elsewhere expect that their loved ones will be properly cared for in a nursing home or other assisted-living facility. Sadly, instances of nursing home neglect occur all too frequently. When residents are neglected, they may be left with injuries. In some instances, the injuries people suffer are so severe that they do not survive.

Misread test leads to man's cardiac arrest

Medical schools provide their students with years of intensive, hands-on training in the hopes of developing doctors who are capable of providing accurate, efficient and safe care. One of the most integral parts of this care is the diagnosis. A proper diagnosis can lead to quick treatment and a speedy recovery. On the other hand, a doctor's failure to diagnose a condition can have dire consequences. A Florida family is feeling the effects of a missed diagnosis.

Simple list comparison can reduce medication errors

Miami patients put a great deal of trust in the doctors, nurses and hospitals that treat them. If a condition is diagnosed, a patient believes that the diagnosis is accurate. If a surgery is performed, patients believe it is necessary. Likewise, when medication is prescribed, patients expect that they will not be harmed. Unfortunately, when the wrong medication is given to a patient, complications can arise. For this reason, the findings of a Johns Hopkins University study carry great importance and should not be taken lightly.

Failure to diagnose heart disease affects many elderly people

Falling ill can be a trying experience. Besides feeling sick or being in pain, individuals can suffer from tremendous stress when they do not know what is causing their condition. For this reason, doctors and nurses are trained to accurately diagnose patients' illnesses and treat them accordingly. While this may seem like a simple, everyday medical task, a diagnosis can often go wrong. When there is a failure to diagnose a condition, a patient can face an even worse situation, which could potential lead to permanent injury or death. The seriousness of misdiagnosis should concern Miami residents, and they may want to consider a recently published medical study regarding failure to detect heart disease.

Continued use of birth control pills causes post-surgery death

Many times, Miami doctors tell patients to take several precautions prior to having an operation. These measures could include changing diet, abstaining from liquids and stopping medication. Since most patients do not know what steps need to be taken prior to surgery, they rely on doctors to inform them. When this information is not conveyed, serious injury or death can occur. These instances of medical malpractice are traumatizing, as is evidenced by one family's loss of a wife and mother.

Multiple lawsuits filed against one nursing home

The decision to place an elderly relative into a nursing home is a difficult one to make. An individual must not only consider the costs associated with the care, but must also handle the emotional toll of giving complete control of a loved one's health over to what are, essentially, complete strangers.

Surgical error leaves Florida woman with flesh-eating bacteria

Outpatient surgery is a type of operation that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Typically, these procedures are less complicated and, thus, carry a lesser risk of complications. Yet, surgical error, even during outpatient operations, is still a common enough occurrence to cause concern.

Some Miami hospitals score high in study, but many fall short

There is some good news for Miami residents. According to a recent nationwide study, 18 Miami-Dade and Broward County hospitals are worthy of an A grade when it comes to patient safety. The study, by Leapfrog Group, took into account several factors, including the occurrence of patient death, bed sores and hospital falls. Yet, the news is not all good. Six hospitals in the area received a C grade and, since the study did not give grades lower than a C, three hospitals received a "grade pending" rating. Those hospitals were given time to improve their scores.

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